It has never been more important to boost morale and encourage staff communication. Here at ACF Teambuilding & Events, we’ve developed a series of fun, virtual team building events to help bring team members together in these unprecedented times.

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Digital photo mosaic

If you aren’t able to enjoy one of our aforementioned virtual team building events, you can still collaborate with your team to create one of our photo mosaic walls which have now gone digital!

Employees are asked to send in photographs of themselves using a specific hashtag. These photographs will then be pulled together by our trusty team to create a digital photo mosaic, which sees the images combine to build a much bigger picture. It could be an image of your company logo, your core mission, a message to staff or promotion of your new product/service. It’s up to you!

This photo mosaic can then be shared company-wide and beyond as a way to reaffirm your collective spirit.

Group size: Unlimited

Duration: Varies depending on the size of the mosaic

Are you ready to book one of our virtual team building events? Would you like to discuss things further? Email us at or call us on 01934 862305 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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