Fancy yourself as the next Mary Berry? You’ll love our Virtual Bake-Along experience!

Here at ACF Teambuilding & Events, we’ve used our wealth of industry experience to develop a series of interactive, virtual team building events for remote teams to help boost team morale as we navigate the new normal.

Stay tuned over the coming weeks for further launches.

Virtual Team Building: Bake Along

As Britain faces flour shortages due to the swathes of amateur bakers turning to baking for self care, as reported by the Guardian, it has become abundantly clear that baking feeds the soul.

Our GBBO-inspired, virtual bake-along will make soggy-bottomed sponges a thing of the past as you’ll be baking your sweet treats whilst guided by a leading Michelin Star chef. There’s nothing quite as therapeutic as making things from scratch, so this is the perfect virtual team building event for teams looking to reconnect and decompress.

If you’re looking to turn the heat up, however, you can add a competitive element to the proceedings and have your team go head-to-head to bake their very own showstoppers. Top marks will be awarded by our expert judge for creations that are deemed to be both beautifully presented and creative in their use of ingredients.

Each team member will be sent a bespoke baking event kit through the post, which includes the printed recipe and the pre-weighed ingredients, so all you need to do is gather up your tins and don your chef’s hat.

On your marks, get set, bake!

Group size: 3-50

Duration: 2 hours

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