Here at ACF Teambuilding & Events, we’ve called upon our wealth of industry experience and creative expertise to launch virtual team building events for remote teams to enjoy!

Are you tired of the same old lacklustre Zoom quizzes?

We understand just how important it is to boost team morale and encourage staff engagement as we navigate the new normal, which is why we’ve made each of our online team building events as interactive and fun as possible. Our events are organised by our experienced instructors so, for the most part, all you need to do is rally the team together and show up!

We will be sharing lots of virtual team building event ideas over the forthcoming weeks. Which one will you choose?


Zombie Run, our brand new virtual team building experience, gives you and your colleagues the opportunity to enjoy an adrenaline-fuelled escape room filled with thought-provoking challenges that participants must work together to solve.

Groups are divided into teams, each with a dedicated captain, and the experience begins with our enthusiastic host setting the nail-biting apocalyptic scene for the participants. Once the challenges have been introduced, groups will disband into meeting rooms to examine the clues provided before returning to the main screen with their answers.

Our host will communicate with each team along the way in order to evaluate their progress and provide helpful hints if needed. There will be approximately six challenges over the course of an hour which will need to be completed in order to ensure your survival. The quicker teams are to complete each challenge, the sooner they’ll be able to move onto the next – further adding to the jeopardy. With a trusty survival pack in your inventory – filled with items that may or may not prove useful over the course of the event – participants are encouraged to think outside of the box in order to prevent their demise.

From lateral thinking to cryptic clue cracking, problem solving to code breaking, participants will be able to brush up on a whole host of transferable skills whilst having fun in the process! Once time is up, everyone will rejoin the main screen and the winners will be announced.

Group size: Teams of 6 people but multiple teams can enter.

Duration: 60 minutes

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