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Circus Workshop

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Circus Skills virtual workshop

Come and join the circus! 

Whether your a fan of the film 'The Greatest Show' or not, we think you'll love our virtual circus skills workshop. Presented with a live showman, you'll have the opportunity to learn a new skill in the form of classic circus skills. Everything we show you will be possible at home, and the whole family can even join in. Before you know it you'll be a plate spinning pro! 

This online event can be made competitive or collaborative, depending on what you want to gain from the session. We can also send items to your homes before the event for guests to use, or, everyday household items can be utilised instead. 

There will be lots of laughs for sure, whether your a group of 6 or 600! 

  • Duration: 30 –45 minutes
  • Number of Clients: Unlimited


Optional Extra -Guests can also receive their Plate Spinning kit in advance of this workshop.

Optional extra –Guests can receive a set of three professional juggling balls for this workshop (company branding is also possible).