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Laughter Yoga

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Happy employees are productive employees!

We all know it's good to have a laugh, but did you know it can actually improve physical health aswell as mental health? The phrase 'laughter is the best medicine' is proven to be true and we have just the prescription to cheer up your teams and bring them together, through the power of a good giggle! 

Big belly laughs are on the cards with virtual laughter yoga!  ​Yes, that's right.....'virtual laughter yoga'. Never heard of it? Well put it this way, you'll be moving, laughing, giggling and feeling energised in no time by the time our laughter leader has finished. Never underestimate a good laugh! Everyone working remotely will be feeling fresh and happy ready for a productive day.

This session of laughter does more than just produce some endorphins, it can highlight ways to work together even better, becuase when you have laughed with someone you can work more easily together.​ By bringing laughter into the workplace, people become more resilient, motivated, creative and productive – altogether working better as a team member as well as individually.​ 

This fun virtual activity can also work well as part of a multi-activity virtual event. Why not also add a 'Bake Along' or 'Name That Tune' Gameshow to your event for added laughter. 

  • Collaborative ​
  • Duration: 30 minutes ​
  • Number of Clients: Minimum 10 guests​

Check out the video to see what participants say about virtual laughter yoga!