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Waking The Dead

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A scare event for teams who dare! 

It all started with a research project.... that went horribly wrong! 

A virus has been leaked, the staff on site have been infected and are now hungry for human flesh. It won't be long until the virus spreads amongst the rest of the population and the zombies take over the world! 

Your teams mission: 

  • Explore the rooms and scavenge what you can.
  • Find the codes to deactivate the bomb.
  • Retrieve the vaccination serum.
  • Keep away from the Living Dead!
  • Survive! 

Along the way you will need to complete various challenges to complete the mission, but beware.....the zombies are lurking! You will be under a time limit before they break through and you risk becoming one of the dead yourself! 

This team building event can be held in various locations with varying scare levels! Do you want this to be team building terror, or just an eerie end to the day? We can tailor the scare factor to suit. 

Zombie EventZombie themed event props


“As for the zombie apocalypse – I’ve never been so terrified in my life which is absolutely ridiculous as it obviously wasn’t real but so convincing nevertheless! But we all thought the concept and effort that you put in was amazing and anyone who likes that sort of thing would no doubt really enjoy themselves.”  Realm