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The Polar Express

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All aboard!!......Get your teams onboard this Christmas, with this effective team building activity inspired by the festive film 'The Polar Express'

In this indoor team building activity, groups are tasked to build a circular train track around the North Pole. The completion of this track is essential to Santa's Elves and their toy production, and currently they are behind schedule!

Each team will be responsible for an allocated section of the track. Roles will be allocated and obstacles must be overcome, before a complete track has been built and tested with our Polar Express Train.

Roles could include: Engineers ,Rail Specialist, Treasurer, Marketing & Sponsorship, Health & Safety, Procurement etc.

If you are looking to add some purpose to a meeting or conference in December, this is great christmas themed team building activity to add to your day.

This event can be tailored to suit most group sizes whether its 10 or 200, and is a great way to promote a cohesive group.

Polar Express Christmas Teambuilding