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One Tribe

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Collaborative team building - one tribe challenge

Tribes growing together!

A challenge that bring teams together whilst they work towards a collective goal.

The countdown begins and teams must get going in order to complete their task on time. Guests will be divided into 'Tribes', and each tribe will need to communicate and work together to complete a series of short challenges to obtain gems. These gems can then be exchanged at the 'Trading Post' for materials, and for important information which is key to building a giant mosaic.

Mosaics have a long history and are present in many cultures around the world. They come in all shapes and sizes, and we believe this would be the perfect way to symbolise and cement the collaboration of the various areas / departments / roles within your business. Tribes will build a huge mosaic, all working together, using thousands of peices.

Once the mosaic has been completed and all of pieces have been put together, the tribes will come together to celebrate their creation with a memorable finale!! We have incorporated either the amazing Haka, or a fantastic Drumming performance in past events. The choice is yours!

A fantastic, bespoke event leaving guests feeling energised, motivated, and with a refreshed attitude to teamwork.