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Get me Outta Here

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This is a bespoke team day based on the popular TV show.

It’s not just the celebrities who get to experience Jungle life! Guests will be divided into teams and will begin the day with creating a team identity.

Throughout the day, teams will be tested as they complete various challenges ….from Building Shelters to Bush Tucker Trials and Beasties!!  Will they overcome the ‘fear factor’ or be pleading to their team mates to ‘GET ME OUTTA HERE! ‘

After each challenge, teams will be awarded with Gems depending on how well they completed the task. At the end of the day, the team with the most gems will be crowned Kings & Queens of the Jungle! 

Each event is created from a menu of different challenges and tasks that are graded in terms of Physical , Mental, Team work, and Fear Factor this enables us to put together a program that suits each group. "Get Me Otta Here"  can run as a half or full day at our activity site South of Bristol or a venue of your choice.

Rest assured, all challenges are perfectly safe, and will be supervised by professionals.

Jungle - Get Me Out Of Here - Team Building