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Employee Engagement with Team Building Fun

Look after your employees and they’ll look after you!

Engaged staff feel loyal to the company and will try to give their best every day. They wake up in the morning ready to get stuck into the tasks ahead, so it’s no surprise that organisations who’s employees are engaged perform better than those who’s employees are not.

But what is employee engagement?

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) defines employee engagement as:

  • Intellectual engagement – thinking hard about the job and how to do it better.

  • Affective engagement – feeling positively about doing a good job.

  • Social engagement – actively taking opportunities to discuss work-related improvements with others at work.

We spend around 50 years of our life at work, so it’s a place where people want to feel happy, secure, valued and fulfilled. But according to research it seems that half of UK employees do not feel engaged at their workplace.  

So how do you create a team of engaged employees?

ACF Teambuilding and Events have a number of approaches to help your business take a step in the right direction to produce an engaged workforce. We will work with you to come up with a staff engagement programme to suit your needs and your type of employees.  

Sometimes just providing an environment which allows staff to voice their views can help them feel a worth to the business. We can facilitate team development awaydays where we will encourage open communication through the use of various activities. Combining this with the use of Miro Physchometrics to help a team to understand each other better can have incredible effects.

Rewarding staff simply with a day out of the office can help a group to bond, give them something to talk about and reflect on afterwards. We hear on a weekly basis how a company away day has given the staff a fresh outlook and a well deserved change of scenery. Whether it’s an activity day with light hearted activities such as Axe Throwing and 4x4 Off Roading, or a more thought provoking session with team building challenges and team games.  

One of our clients holds an annual ‘It’s a knockout’ which is their most talked about event of the year. The whole company get involved with staff from all levels mixing together. It brings the whole organisation together just for that one day. Even though it is just that, one day, the impact and positivity it creates for the rest of the year is powerful.

Get in touch with our helpful team to discuss ideas, and see how we can help you to increase staff engagement within your company.


"A great day - the staff from ACF were brilliant and got the measure of their audience quickly! Can't praise them highly enough for engaging everyone and getting them all to join in and have fun. So many people have said it was the best day ever! Thank you." Asset Management Company

The only word to describe last Friday is “SUCCESS” and this is due to the ACF work and management on the day. We are having a lot of good feedback, including : “I couldn't remember a time with so many people smiling around the site!” Large Engineering Company

A very positive, well organized and thought provoking event. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day, they leant a lot about themselves and their team members. It was a great fun team bonding experience for everyone! Flooring Company

happy engaged team