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Trebuchets - Team Building Challenge

Outdoor team building fun with Trebuchets

A Trebuchet is a medieval stone throwing engine of war. They were used to lay siege to castles and caused great damage when firing flaming balls, rocks or even diseased carcasses.

We have two trebuchets which are exactly the same in design. The Trebuchet Team Building Challenge requires teams to construct their war machine and land their missiles at various targets. Good problem solving, leadership and communication skills is important and as early decision making can be crucial (e.g. using the instruction booklet which adds to your time). Once the siege weapon is deemed fit for purpose the chosen missile of choice must hit three targets including the castle wall. This challenge can be against the clock or teams can go head to head facing each other with water balloon filled missiles.

This exercise can be tailored to suit numbers and of staff of various abilities. This teambuilding activity can be a stand-alone, or be part of medieval themed event.