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The Crate Escape

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Think outside of the box in the Crate Escape!



The Crate Escape is a fun indoor team building challenge which will see teams go up against the clock to solve the mysteries hidden within the crate.

The group will be given simple instructions to find the gem held within the box....and then the clock begins! In order to be sucessful in this team building challenge, communication between team members is key. Multiple clues and items will need to be connected efficiently if the team are to find the hidden gem. Keen observation skills, problem solving and logical thinking will be important as the group examines various riddles, codes and pictures and try to figure out the secrets that the crate holds.

This engaging team building task is a great way to see how teams work together under pressure, with little guidance and with a time constrainst. 

Will teams communicate effectively and work together in order to crack the code and find the Gem?

ACF Teambuilding and Events can deliver 'The Crate Escape' at a venue in Bristol or nationwide and overseas. The fexibility of this challenge means that it can be tailored to suit your day and combined with other team building events such as Bomb Disposal, Virus and Space Shuttle to build a full day of team building fun.

Indoor or outdoor team building challenge - The Crate Escape