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Calendar Creations

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This fun challenge requires teams to construct the art work for their company / team calendar.

Armed with a camera, props and access to our extensive fancy dress wardrobe, teams will be tasked to take a picture to match the theme that they been given in this calendar challenge. This could be a traditional calendar coordinating with each month, or we can tie the themes into a company message.

Part of this teambuilding challenge will also see groups coming up with a caption to match their image. The results are often hilarious!

The best pictures of the day can be decided by a slide show presentation at the end of the day with delegates casting their votes. ACF Teambuilding and Events will then produce the calendar/s based on the pictures the teams have chosen.

A great team building activity giving the groups a momento to keep on their desks the following year.

Create a company calendar team challenge

Create a company calendar