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Thriller Dance

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Learn the iconic Thriller dance routine in this energising team event.

This is a great event where your team will work together to create the performance of a lifetime.

Zone One Thriller Dance!
(This can be an event in its own right)
In this zone your guests go from delegates to zombies in 45mins!
Our resident Pop Choreographer will take them through their
“zombie” paces as they learn the moves to the Thriller dance.
All left feet welcome!

Zone Two Thriller “The Words”
In this part of the experience your delegates will work with a top vocal coach.
The group will step back to the eighties & learn the
lyrics and simple harmonies to this infamous song.
This produces great results which leave your spine tingling!

Zone Three Costume Making and Stage Make Make-Up (Zombi Zombie-fy fying!)

Our creative Costume Designer/Make Up Artist who has worked on many different shows and music videos, will teach your group how to create that perfect and scary “zombie” look…they will be given various pieces of material put together their zombie costumes also; using different methods and techniques create their own pop video makeup.

Thank you so much for an amazing experience last Friday!! The team are still buzzing over the session and the feedback has been so very positive.  The highlight of my day was seeing the negative body language from some of the team when you first came in; translate into smiles and enthusiastic participation by the end!  One comment was “ to be able to walk into a room of hard nosed sales people that you do not know and earn their total buy in within two hours take an awesome level of skill and talent.”
Managing Director..Parkside