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Laughter Workshop

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Laughter Workshop for Team EnergiserGet the giggles in our laughter workshop, and create a happy and engaged team!


Happiness is arguably the most sought after out of all emotional states, and for business's having happy employees is the holy grail! Our laughter workshops and laughter therapy energisers will release those amazing endorphins as your team are led through a journey of laughter exercises by our professional facilitator. 

From ho ho ho's to hee hee hee's, your team will be surprised at how effective this team building session is, and is a perfect way to start off the day to energise and engage guests ready for the day ahead. Alternatively, it also works brilliantly as a 'pick me up' energiser session half way through the day when energy is low. Even the most conservative guest will soon be in fits of laughter.

The power of laughing...

Research has found that happy people are more motivated, they contribute more, are supportive, resilient and productive, and they are also healthier. Consequently, happiness is now the goal that businesses and organisations strive for when developing their employees, and that governments try to provide to their citizens.

Where there is little happiness there is little's true!