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Business Games - Team Building

Within almost every company, conflicts arise as departments endeavour to acheive their objectives.

Whether its a sales target, a consignment of goods, or an installation of equipment. When departments work together and respect their individual roles the business becomes efficient and the harmony brings a more productive workforce. When stress and pressure, however, is exerted things can go wrong and inevitably cause conflict, resulting in loss of productivity and money. Business games are great to simulate the stresses and strains of what can happen when deadlines aren't met and relationships break down. There are numerous ideas that can be used lasting an hour or half/ full day. While they are 'games' ,at the end of the day, lessons can be learnt,mistakes can be highlighted and ,and when it really matters, avoided in the real workplace.

"This is the first time we have held a team building event such as this with the current team. We have received very positive feedback from attendees. The ‘Connections’ scenario suited us as ourteam is made up of many engineers however it did suit the cross section of senior managers / project delivery engineers / admin staff in attendance." National Grid