Our team building activities are not only fun, but can also positively enhance the future success of your business or organisation.

  • Tailored team building events to meet your brief & budget
  • Organised and planned by our professional events team
  • Facilitated by our experienced team building instructors
  • Flexible timings. From 30 minutes to several days!
  • Pick & Mix your activities to create the perfect team building event
  • All activities conform with our Sustainability Policy

Inclusive team building activities

Inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do. We will happily tailor any of our team building activities to suit your requirements. This includes ensuring that our events can be enjoyed by those that are less physically able.

Corporate team building fun!

At ACF Events, we understand that good teamwork is essential to the ongoing success of any business. By providing a shared goal to which all members of a group commit themselves, we can demonstrate that genuine teamwork is not about individual performance but collective effort. And of course, when team building is fun, people are more likely to be engaged. This is why we put fun as a top priority.

Indoor & outdoor team building activities

We offer a wide selection of indoor and outdoor team building activities that can be both mentally and physically challenging. There are challenges to suit everyone and we have designed them to guarantee that all participants share an enjoyable learning experience regardless of age or ability.

Most of the team building activities you see below can be carried out at all of our recommended venues  or almost anywhere in the UK.

covert mission button
Team Building Theme -The Hunted
Crystal Maze Challenge
Soapbox Derby Construction Challenge
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Game of Thrones Team building

At ACF Events, we have a range of team building activities and events which have been tried, tested and proven to be a success. We can also use our team building expertise to come up with a completely bespoke team building event to meet your needs.

Our tailored team building events can still incorporate a number of our popular team building challenges, but these can be tailored to complement the theme of your business, function or conference.

For more details call 01934 862305 and chat to our friendly team.

Which team building activities should I choose?

Selecting the right team building activity can feel overwhelming, but it’s an investment in your team’s success and happiness. At ACF Events, we understand that every team is unique, with different objectives, dynamics, and preferences. To guide your decision, consider these key factors:

1. Your Team Building Goals: What are you hoping to achieve with this activity? Improve communication, boost problem-solving skills, or simply foster stronger bonds? Identifying your core objective will help narrow down suitable options.

2. Team Size and Skill Levels: Consider the number of participants and their physical abilities. Choose team building activities that everyone can enjoy and participate in seamlessly, avoiding frustration or exclusion. If you’re not sure then our team is here to help.

3. Desired Theme and Atmosphere for Your Team Event: Do you prefer a high-energy adventure, a creative challenge, or a collaborative problem-solving exercise? Explore ACF’s diverse categories like indoor, outdoor, team games and workshops to find an activity that matches your desired theme and creates the right atmosphere.

4. Budgetary Constraints: Be mindful of your budget and compare pricing options for different activities. ACF offers a variety of choices to accommodate various needs and budgets.

5. Location Preference: Do you want the convenience of staying in your offices, or do have a specific location in mind, or are you open to suggestions? Explore ACF’s recommended venues or enquire about their flexibility, and we can advise on which activities can be held at the venue.

Remember, the best team building activity is the one that resonates with your team’s culture and helps them achieve their desired outcomes.

What’s included in a corporate team building day?

At ACF Events we provide a full event management service.

Your team building event will be hosted from start to finish by our team of professional instructors and facilitators in a fun and safe environment. They can provide a complete briefing, analysis and discussion service (to be booked in advance) in addition to your team building event or, if you prefer, they can provide just a light debrief on the day.

Our service includes:

  • Choosing the right team building activities to meet your aims and objectives
  • Creating an itinerary to suit your event
  • Help with choosing a suitable location if you don’t already have one booked.
  • Providing proper instruction
  • All the necessary equipment to run the team building activity
  • Catering and accommodation (if requested in advance)
  • Medals and awards ceremonies (where previously arranged)
  • Shelters and ponchos in wet weather
  • £5 million public liability insurance for all participants

Our team building activities and team building events are available at any of our recommended venues and at other locations throughout the UK.

For more details call 01934 862305 and chat to our friendly team.

chocolate making team building activities
Gundog Handling - Team Building Activity