17 tips for Planning a corporate Fun Day

As seasoned event managers, we believe in sharing our expertise and that’s why we’re excited to offer you our top tips for planning a corporate fun day.

Want to make your next event amazing?! We have organised hundreds of company fun days and have over 30 years of experience in doing so! We’ve planned events for office teams of 20, to whole company events of up to 6000 people, and we think we’re pretty good at it.

As seasoned event managers, we believe in sharing our expertise and that’s why we’re excited to offer you our top tips for planning a corporate fun day. Read on……

1. Secure your top choice – Book ASAP

Key dates (mainly Fridays or weekends in June / July) get booked up fast!  Book well in advance to ensure availability for your preferred dates at your venue, and other event essentials such as toilet facilities and caterers.

You would think this goes without saying. But it’s never too early to get your event date set! It will make your life far easier, we promise.

2. No Clashes

Take note of what other major events will be taking place at the same time in the area. Would you want to contend with Glastonbury traffic? And consider whether you want to make the most of a bank holiday, or avoid it.

Every event organiser wants to achieve a maximum turnout, of course.

3. Know the demographics of your guests

Sounds obvious, but make sure your event attractions are appropriate for the guests attending your company’s fun day.

We always ask our clients to tell us how many children and teenagers might be attending in order to suggest the best activities for them. Many activities have height and weight limits too, so it’s important to get to know your audience and if there are any restrictions on your chosen activities, to avoid disappointed guests. 

Funfair Stalls - Child Winning Pick a Peg Game

4. Infrastructure

So, it’s not the most exciting part, but it’s crucial. It’s the behind-the-scenes stuff that guests don’t really notice, but if it’s not right then there could be trouble ahead. A lot of this will depend on the venue booked. At ACF Events we’ve often started with just a blank field where we create everything from scratch (and we mean everything!). If you don’t get the infrastructure nailed, then you could end up with guests going ‘off piste’, seeing bottlenecks in the flow of footfall, or running out of water or power. No pressure! 

To summarise: make sure these things are added to your event planning list to consider: 

  • Water filling stations 
  • Waste points (recycling considerations of course) 
  • Toilets and wash facilities (make sure these are located appropriately)
  • Boundaries – so your guests don’t wander to places you don’t want them to. 
  • Security – do you need it?
  • Marquees and shelters
  • First aid provision
  • Car parking areas  
  • Power
A successful family fun day for 3000 people on the hottest day of the year
Hay Bales and Stage Copy

5. About that power

Will your attractions, caterers, toilets and stage areas need electricity or will they come with their own generators? You need to find out from each and every supplier what their power needs are and make sure these are in place. And then…have extra as backup. 

Green tip: how about adding some energy-generating bikes at your event and convert your guests pedal power into electricity for an attraction?

6. Communication before the event

How will you communicate event information with your guests? Will it be via the company intranet or an event website, or will you have a dedicated event app?

Do they need to sign up in advance for any specific activities or workshops or just turn up?

Make sure people know when and where they need to be, and provide plenty of build-up to get them excited about the event. 

Our green tip: Always go digital. Nobody wants any paper waste and the whole process will be much more streamlined by using a digital process for invitations and registration. And of course, for feedback after the event.  

EXPERIENCE ALERT! Beware: At large venues, postcodes can often take you around the back end of a building or to a random gated entrance. Liaise with the venue to make sure you provide accurate directions to your attendees.

7. Communication on the day

Decide how your and your event team will communicate on the day. Good old walkie talkies? Or is it a mobile only policy? Will you use ipads? 

In all cases, make sure you have backups for charging devices. 

We recently had a client whose phone was about to run out of mobile phone battery at the event. Enter ‘eeeeek’ moment! But our superstar Event Manager had a portable power bank to hand and was able to offer a recharge.

It’s also worth considering WIFI hotspots, especially in countryside locations.

Event Managers communicating on the day

8. Wet weather plans

Plan for all types of weather. Wind, sun, and rain. Events can become a complete washout if the right contingencies aren’t put in place.

If there’s a heatwave on the cards you’ll want to make sure there’s extra shade provided for both guests and staff. We ran a company fun day for 2000 people on THE hottest day of the year, and we can’t emphasise how grateful guests were for shelter under the marquees. 

Be prepared to make some last-minute amendments to suit the weather forecast too. The last thing you want is an overcrowded bar because it’s the only sheltered place onsite. 

Here at ACF Events we’ve experienced all types of weather on our corporate fun days, from heatwaves to snow! We can help you with a contingency plan to make your event weatherproof as part of our full event management service.

Millfield Enterprises thumb
Wet weather plans - ponchos

9. Food for thought

There’s nothing worse than hangry guests. These days guests expect more than just a BBQ or a burger van. Dietary needs including religious requirements, veggie or vegan preferences & food intolerances are all important considerations for a modern event, as well as making sure you provide a slick and speedy service.

It’s always better to plan for more food than not have enough and it’s essential to book a caterer that has the appropriate food hygiene certificates. 

Green tip: Source local suppliers, always.

eating and drinking Copy

10. Queue Management

Make sure that there are different food outlets available, and consider the serving times of caterers so you avoid really long queues. Do the maths to work out how many people can be served in a given time, and then supply accordingly. 

In terms of attractions, consider adding activities that can accommodate a large number of guests at once eg. Arena displays.

11. Licensing

Make sure you have the correct licenses in place and leave enough time to apply for them! You might be surprised at what elements of an event need a licence and how long local authorities can take to get back to you. 

For example, you will need to complete a temporary event notice (TEN) if you wish to sell or serve alcohol at a venue that doesn’t already have a licence and your event is for less than 500 people. For more than 500 people you will need a premises license. 

If it sounds a bit daunting, then we can do all of that for you as part of our full event management service.

Bar Copy
Inside Marquee with Band Playing at Corporate Festival

12. Waste management

Don’t forget the rubbish. It’s not ethical to run an event and leave a mess, so always make sure you have waste management in hand. There are plenty of waste collection companies around, but again, book in plenty of time to secure their services for your date. 

Green tip: Offer recycling points as standard and even ask guests to bring their own refillable water bottles. See if the caterers can offer sustainable alternatives to paper plates.

13. Staffing

Who’s going to run each element of your event? (AI isn’t that sophisticated just yet) Some activities will come fully staffed, especially if they are specialist, and if your venue has a bar then the venue will most likely provide bar staff.

But what about car parking attendants or fun fair stall staff for example? 

When you book activities with an event management company like us, we provide staff to run the show whether it’s an archery instructor or a toilet attendant. We will also have dedicated event managers to be your go-to point of contact on the day. 

ACF staff at Corporate Fun Day

14. Keep your guests at your event

Sounds obvious right? But have you ever gone to a fun day and ended up just wandering around aimlessly, and not sure where everything is. Then…..leaving?

We recommend having live information boards and a compere/host to keep everyone up to date with what is happening, in real-time. Not only will a host keep everyone informed, they’re also great at raising the energy and motivating guests to take part in activities. Plus offering some building up to activities that might be happening later on in the event schedule.

We have some AMAZING hosts that we use at our events, just ask us about them.

Entertaining guests
Compere host at corporate fun day

15. Impact of the event

Have you considered the impact of the event on the wider community and environment, and have you communicated with local authorities where necessary? For example, local residents and landowners should be informed if you are providing fireworks at your event. 

Will the route for guests to get to the event cause any disruptions for locals?

If you have watched Jeremey Clarksons Farm you will know what we mean!

16. Safety Safety Safety

This should probably be number 1! Make sure your suppliers have appropriate insurance and are experienced in their fields (like us 😊). Good suppliers should always be able to provide you with a public liability certificate and a risk assessment for the service they are providing. 

We also recommend having at least one 1st aid response vehicle on-site.

17. Fun Factor

Of course, the whole point of these types of events is to provide a good time for employees isn’t it?

So, with all the serious stuff aside, you need to make sure the fun factor is there too! In fact, it’s even in our core purpose: ‘We provide fun and memorable experiences that unify people’.

Evening band at company summer party

Organising a corporate fun day can be overwhelming, but with our 30 years of experience, ACF Events can simplify the process. 

Contact us for a free quote, and let us help you make your next corporate festival or fun day the best one yet. 

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Sustainable Events:

Join us on our mission to build teams and protect the planet! Read about how we are working towards becoming a sustainable event management company in our previous blog, and how we can help you tick those all important green boxes when planning your company fun day event.

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