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Family Fun Days

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Family Fun Days are designed to say thank you to all of your Companys' employees and their families. They create a fun atmosphere in which to share experiences and get to know one another outside the office.

ACF Company Fun Days entertain staff, families and friends with a huge variety of activities from amazing arena attractions including daring motorcycle acts to It’s A Knockout competitions. Each day is conceived according to your specifications and the demographics of the attendees.

Designing and implementing fun days is one of our favourite tasks! We have experience arranging events from 50 to 3500 people, using well established contacts to ensure that events are professionally run.

We recommend a videographer/photographer to record the great time that will had by all. It’s a day which will enhance your company’s profile and be talked about and remembered for a long time.

“Many thanks to you and yourteam for the great contribution to our Adventure Day. The organisation ofthe events, the engagement with the participants and the entertaining wayeverything was done was superb.The feedback from all thosethat attended has been very good and there’s no doubt ACF were one of the reasonsit was so successful” Wessex Water

"A great day - the staff from ACF were brilliant andgot the measure of their audience quickly! Can't praise them highly enough for engaging everyone and getting them all to join in and have fun. So many people have said it was the best day ever! Thank you." Blenheims