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Halloween themed events!

Help boooost your team by holding a Halloween themed event for your staff. We have loads of fun ideas for spooky parties and team buildng events...........

•  Night of Horror – Interactive Quiz Night
•  Pumpkin Trials
•  Zombie Run
•  Ghost Train Construction
•  Murder Mystery
•  Thriller Dance
•  Direct Your Own Horror Movie


It's well known that holding periodic team building days and special events for your staff is important to create an engaged workforce. A team building event is the ideal way to bring colleagues together and enable them to really get to know each other, particularly if they work closely in their work environment, but without the opportunity for much personal interaction. But, you want this event to be something that your employees look forward to rather than feel forced into and dread…. So if your holding something in the Autum months, why not combine your team building day with a Night of Horror? You can guarantee everyone will be having so much fun they probably won’t even realise they are team building while they’re partying! Seasonal parties are a great way to motivate your staff, celebrate their hard work and encourage them to let their hair down outside of the office environment. With colleagues already talking and bonding, throwing a few team building exercises into the mix will make it a win-win for everyone.

So, first things first: you need a venue. With Horror, the scarier the better – an old church, a haunted hotel or a converted warehouse would be perfect! Put a twist on the generic theme, such as a sophisticated ‘Gothic’ drinks party in a historic upmarket hotel or a Monster Bash in a Warehouse. When you send out the invitations, make sure you request that your guests come in fancy dress: the perfect way to complete your spooky theme. Mix n Mingle acts can certainly create that atmosphere with living statue Gargoyles or a walk about zombie to sneak up on your guests. 

Here are a few horror themed event ideas to give you some inspiration:

Pumpkin Carving:

This is a great team building exercise and will add to your décor when complete. Split the workforce into teams and provide them with a few pumpkins. The teams have to work together to come up with the most creative design – the best pumpkin wins a prize.

Murder Mystery:

Traditional games are great fun, so why not hold a murder mystery evening? Employees have to work together to figure out “whodunit?”.

Horror Quiz Show:

This game/quiz show combines staff knowledge of music, films and holloween general knowledge with an added ingredient of improtu games such as best Zombie of the day, Mummy wrap and maybe even a thriller dance off

Whether you're holding a team building event or an evening party with entertainment, our experienced and creative team here at ACF Teambuilding and Events will be delighted to help you bring your spooky ideas to life. 

What Our Clients Say :

Each individual piece - photo booth, gargoyles, magicians, bar and hall decoration etc etc, were amazing on their own, but together they created a spectacular evening. Your team were all so friendly and couldn't have done more to help (especially the lovely lady who helped me separate my earring from a hair net!) And finally the band...I had told my colleagues that I would only be able to relax once I knew the band were okay. Well, I didn't need to worry - they were fantastic! I think they played non-stop for over two hours in the end.