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Team Millionaire

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Team Millionaire Game Show

Team Millionaire - The ultimate interactive participation game show!!


This is the exciting and suspense filled quiz, just like the TV show but with a twist. With Team Millionaire everybody plays and contributes as a team, attempting to reach the million point’s question.

With a giant projection screen show-set for added question impact and millionaire style sound effects you will feel like your entire team is in the hot seat. Each round has fifteen questions that are revealed by our professional Team Millionaire host. Starting with a range of easy questions with four possible choices, but only one correct answer, teams build their financial reserves before taking on the near impossible question with a collective decision.

Choosing as a team using voting cards for each question, the aim is to reach the safety of the Team Millionaire Milestones, so the pressure is not just on one individual but the whole team.

This nail biting and entertaining show will have everyone on the edge of their seat, as each team play to collectively win or lose everything!


  • Fifty-Fifty
  • Ask the company
  • Request a colleague….all available for each round!

Team Millionaire question rounds are interspersed with ‘buy-back, quick-fire and team nomination rounds, where one false answer can set the team back thousands of points and shatter the dream of answering the ultimate question.

Team Millionaire show assistants keep track of each team’s gains or losses and calculate the scores for each round. Three to four 25 – minute rounds of Team Millionaire can be played as one complete show or if required split between courses. The perfect event for corporate evening entertainment or your company Christmas party.

I have to say, yet again the team were superb.  Andy is so good at hosting these things – I noticed he did pick up on certain people using their names and no-one else had even noticed that he was sussing that out – he is absolutely brilliant at the job he does.  All of the team were wonderful.  We had loads of fun with the Millionaire game.  

Thanks again for everything – wonderful evening.