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Master of Tasks

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Master of Tasks Cover

Task your teams in this fun, hands on event. From wacky to wonderful!

Comedy, fun and team work are all included in the Master of Tasks! Inspired by the popular TV show this event is sure to take a turn for the absurd! Your teams will face a series of fast and furious challenges that will encourage all types of thinking, whilst fun is most certainly on the agenda! 

A professional game show host will be your guide through each of the activities your teams take on! Our hosts have an abundance of experience and know how to work a room, so you can be sure they'll have your audience involved. Their quick wit and charisma takes your game show to the next level. 

Teams won't know what they're in for from one round to the next, as challenges will be concealed in a cryptic envelope which means there will be no chance to prepare. Once the event begins, the challenges will be relvealed one by one. No two task master challenges are the same, but you can be guaranteed that our selection of weird and wacky challenges will have you thinking outside of the box! Tasks may include:

  • Silhouette ChallengeMaster of tasks positive feedback
  • Big Brush
  • Payload Run
  • Black Box
  • Famous Films
  • Jazz hands
  • Tower Above
  • Balloon Farm

From 30 - 300 people, Master of Tasks will have you out of your seats, using logic, team work, creativity and skill, but most importantly.... it will be full of good old fashioned fun!! 

A screen a PA system will be required for this event. This can be provided by the venue or by ACF. Optional extras such a props, lighting and theming can also be added. 

Please note: This event is not in any way associated with the channel 4 TV show.