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Photo Mosaic Wall

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Photo Mosaic Wall

Create physical and digital mosaic masterpieces!


                                                                  VIRTUAL ONLINE VERSION AVAILABLE

Using photos produced in real time from live events your guests will create a mosaic of images which can show a brand message, logo, product or chosen photograph when it is completed. 

There's many names we can call this..... 'Photo Mosaics', 'Hashtag Mosaics' or 'Live Event Photo Wall'. But whatever you want to call this awesome concept, it's sure to create an impact at your next event. 

Invite guests to participate, to create a work of art and get them interacting with your event. It's simple....just take a photo and use an event hashtag, professional photographer, ipad or our magic selfie mirror. We will print it out instantly, then all you have to do is stick it on the allocated number on the wall. Simples! Once all the spaces have been filled a stunning image will be revealed. 

There a couple of options to consider.....


The digital wall can be onsite or online, or both! Consumers photos are sent to the mosaic digitally using a hashtag and are placed in the appropriate sections. This way guests who aren't even onsite can take part! If you'd like us to print the mosaic afterwards then this can be arranged with no problem.


Guests photos will be printed in real time, and then they place the image on a physical wall. The wall will take shape bit by bit! 

Great for weddings, exhibitions, conferences and product lauches to create a brand impact.  


  Mosaic photo collage of a team   Mosaic Wall   Mosaic photo wall at live event