25 corporate fun day Activities

Whether you’re planning an adults-only extravaganza or a family-friendly fiesta, we’ve got you covered with these ideas for corporate fun day activities.

Have you been tasked with planning the annual company fun day? 

As you probably already know, it’s a BIG task, and trying to come up with ideas for corporate fun day activities to keep everyone amused can be quite the project! But fear not weary event planners! We’re here to be your company fun-day fairy godparents, with a list of 25 AMAZING activities which will keep everyone from the CEO to the newest intern, engaged and entertained.

Whether you’re planning an adults-only extravaganza or a family-friendly fiesta, we’ve got you covered!

1. Arena Games

Every event needs a focal point, and at a corporate fun day, it’s the main arena. Think big group participant activities and amazing displays. A few ideas include: 

These are just a taste of the endless possibilities you have for your company fun day arena.  Remember, the key is to make sure there’s a variety that will suit all of your guests, whether they are taking part of spectating.


2. Garden Games

Think mini tennis, giant Jengas and croquet. We firmly believe a garden games area allows guests to enjoy the event at a slower pace and have time to connect over a friendly match of connect 4. The beauty of garden games lies in their simplicity and inclusivity. They cater to all ages and abilities, creating a space where colleagues can bond

3. Country Pursuits

Get ready to channel your inner rural champion with exciting country sports such as 

These “Country Pursuits” offer a unique opportunity to step outside the ordinary and create lasting memories for your team. Especially great for all the animal lovers out there.

duck herding button
gundog agility handling button

4. Team Challenges

A company fun day isn’t just about individual enjoyment – it’s a prime opportunity to work on some team bonding

We recommend offering a variety of optional challenges, allowing participants to sign up in advance and get ready to strategize, communicate, and conquer together. Whether it’s competing in the Crystal Cube, or cracking the codes in Mission Impossible.

The most important thing is to create a space where colleagues can work together, have a laugh, and ultimately, come away feeling closer and more connected as a team. Points will be scored and champions announced at the end of the day. 

Happy Team at Penyard House
Cheering team

5. Target Activities

Now it’s time to get in touch with your inner Robin Hood! Target activities like axe throwing, archery, and air rifle shooting offer a unique blend of competitive fun and skill development.  These activities are perfect for adding a touch of excitement to your company fun day, encouraging friendly competition and the chance to offer guests a new experience.

archery 5

6. Inflatables

The beauty of inflatables lies in their versatility. They can be tailored to different age groups, activity levels, and company cultures. Let’s face it, there’s a reason inflatables are a perennial favourite at corporate fun days – they’re pure fun for everyone involved! 

7. Interactive Entertainers

Spice up your fun day with roaming entertainers! Imagine towering stilt walkers, beautiful bubble displays, or face-painting artists transforming colleagues into glitter-dusted superheroes. Magicians will leave everyone speechless, while caricature artists capture quirky likenesses. From balloon sculptors to roaming photo booths, the possibilities are endless!

Stilt walkers at company summer party

8. Mini Golf

Mini golf is a classic activity that’s perfect for your company fun day. It caters to all ages and abilities colleagues and families can bond over putts, birdies, and the occasional hilarious shank.

Mini Golf at Bristol Pavilion
crazygolf 4

9. Stocks

It’s one of our simplest yet favourite corporate fun day activities for a reason –  it’s simple, satisfying, and ridiculously fun (especially when the CEO takes a turn!). Watch as colleagues line up, aim true, and unleash a friendly torrent of water. Stocks are a recipe for laughter and perfect for an informal company fun day!

Stocks at fun day - corporate fun day activities

10. Arts & Crafts Area

From DIY Projects, to guided activities and themed creations. An arts and crafts area offers the chance for guests to wind down, relax, and let their creative side out.

If you have children at the event, this is always a popular spot.

11. Workshops

Learning a new skill can be incredibly rewarding, and that’s exactly what workshops are on our list of 25 corporate fun day activities to bring to your company fun day!  Move beyond the typical activities and offer workshops that are both fun and functional.  From sausage-making to wreath-building, kite-flying to cupcake decorating, the possibilities are endless!

ladies at music workshop at corporate summer party corporate festival
Chocolate Making Team Building Activity

12. Climbing Wall

For the adventurous spirits in your team, a climbing wall is the ultimate challenge. Some even have a zip wire finale for an epic way to get back to base!

13. Obstacle Course

This action-packed activity is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, offering inflatable bounce-a-thons or army-style bootcamp challenges.  Race against the clock, navigate wacky inflatables or conquer the camo netting.  

the hunted 6

14. Falconry

Witness the awe-inspiring power and skill of these majestic birds of prey as experienced falconers showcase their hunting techniques. Falconry is a unique and educational experience for all ages and makes a great spectacle in the event arena, or as a area for guests to come and handle the birds.

15. Wellbeing Activities

Balance the excitement with a touch of serenity! Offering a dedicated zone for wellbeing activities like yoga, Tai Chi, and mindfulness workshops allows participants to unwind, de-stress, and recharge. Promoting a sense of calmness and focus that can benefit them both during the event and back at the office. It’s a win-win for everyone!

16. Silent Disco

Not like the usual DJ. A silent disco experience allows participants to choose from multiple music channels through wireless headphones.  Imagine colleagues dancing the night (or day) away, each lost in their own musical world, yet united in fun. We certainly couldn’t miss this off our list of recommended corporate fun day activities.

17. High Striker

This iconic carnival game tests your strength and timing as you swing the mallet and send the striker soaring up the pole.  Will you hear the satisfying clang of the bell at the top, signifying victory?

High Striker

18. It’s a Knockout

Looking for hilarious fun and a healthy dose of friendly competition? Look no further than It’s a Knockout! This high energy team event course throws inflatable obstacles, wacky costumes, and waterworks your way. It’s a guaranteed recipe for laughter, camaraderie, and maybe a little friendly soaking! 

19. Soft Play

One of our best corporate fun day activities for the little ones. Our soft play area always goes down well and we’d recommend adding this at an event when families are your audience. 

20. Circus Skills

Add a touch of whimsical flair to your company fun day with circus skills workshops!  Participants can learn juggling, plate spinning, or even a beginner’s lesson in stilt walking under the guidance of experienced instructors. This could booked as one of your corporate fun day activities for guests to take part, as well as a entertaining circus skills display.

21. Treasure Hunt

Gamify your event! Keep guests of all ages engaged with a GPS treasure hunt (also known as a scavenger hunt). Kids will love the adventure, whilst adults will enjoy the challenge and chance to bond with the family. Our app based GPS treasure hunt is fully customisable, allowing us to create a bespoke hunt at any location.

22. Samba Drumming

Samba Drumming could be organised as a display/performance or as a workshop where guests take part too. Or both! Either way, it will be an experience filled with rhythm, laughter, and the vibrant essence of Samba! 

Samba Drumming Energiser Workshop

23. Movie Tent

If your event is taking place over a full day and into the evening, or perhaps over a whole weekend, then guests are undoubtedly going to want to have an opportunity to chill out and re-charge. We recommend a movie tent where children and adults alike can settle down and watch a family movie. Think bean bags and deck chairs, complete with popcorn machine. 

24. Digital Photo Wall

There are many names we can call this….. ‘Photo Mosaics’, ‘Hashtag Mosaics’ or ‘Live Event Photo Wall’. But whatever you want to call this awesome concept, it’s sure to create an impact at your fun day.

It’s one of our corporate fun day activities that offer guests the chance to leave their mark. Guests photos taken in real-time will be added to the digital mosaic wall, capturing the fun at the event in real-time. After the vent, your company could even have a giant version printed for the office wall, or display it on your intranet for memories. 

25. Funfair Stalls

Classic event fun and games! We couldn’t offer 25 corporate fun day activities without including fun fair stalls. They are a staple activity which we highly recommend, suitable for young and old alike. We have ALL the traditional games such as hoopla, splat the rat and tin can alley. Plus many more! 

So there we have it. 25 great corporate fun day activities…..

that are tried and tested to enhance your next event. But the list doesn’t end there! We have so many more ideas for you, that it would take a whole separate blog to talk about (watch this space!)

Don’t forget, we offer a full event management service, so it’s not just the activities we offer. We can organise your event from start to finish!

If you’re still in the early stages of planning your event, check out our blog ‘top tips for planning a company fun day’ for a comprehensive list of things to consider when organising an event like this. 

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