Event Management Goes Green: ACF achieve Silver Award for Sustainable Team Building

ACF Events isn’t just about building teams. We’ve grown, and sustainable team building events are at the forefront …

ACF Events isn’t just about building teams. We’ve grown, and sustainable team building events are at the forefront of our minds.

It’s clear that organisers are becoming more mindful of the environmental impact of events, not just from our own conversations and experience with our clients, but from global statistics. 64% of event attendees surveyed worldwide said they would prefer to attend events run sustainably. (Source: Global Meetings & Events Trends Report, 2023)

We understand the importance of sustainability, and we’re committed to minimising our environmental impact while creating enriching team-building experiences. Our journey is still only in the beginning, but it’s been incredibly rewarding, with a Silver Sustainability award to show off! A powerful validation of our commitment to green goals. 

So, what steps we have taken so far, and how does this translate into your event with us? Read on……

Shifting Gears: Adapting Activities for a Greener Future

The pandemic forced us to rethink our operations, and what we discovered surprised us. Virtual events still provided the fun and connection we strive for, and they eliminated travel emissions. So, we’re keeping them as an option! This realisation paved the way for a deeper introspection. We aligned our employees’ values with our company goals, and one thing became clear: ACF needed to become a sustainable business.

Axe Throwing

Farewell Tank Engines, Hello Wellbeing:

Saying goodbye to our beloved (but fuel-guzzling) Armoured Personnel Carriers was a tough decision, but it was a step we had to take. We also looked at our Team Building Challenges, replacing cardboard pyramids with virtual Photo Mosaic Challenges to eliminate waste. Our commitment to sustainability isn’t one-size-fits-all. We’re constantly analysing and adapting our activities to minimise environmental impact.

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Mindfulness Meets Team Spirit:

We’re excited to introduce our expanded wellbeing offering. Activities like Forest Bathing, Tai Chi, and Mindfulness have a low environmental footprint while equipping participants with valuable life skills. These experiences have been met with positive feedback from clients who are increasingly seeking ways to incorporate well-being into their team building days.

The Eventbrite Trends report backs this up too. They say: “Attendees are keen to go green in 2024. Our survey revealed that 75% of respondents (and 78% of 21- to 35-year-olds) feel positively towards events that allow them to connect with or immerse themselves in nature”. (Source: Eventbrite Trends 2024)

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Building an Eco-Friendly Office:

Our new office, nestled within our warehouse, allowed us to control the environmental impact from the ground up. LED lights, solar motion sensors, and water-saving features are just a few examples of our commitment to green infrastructure. We even source pre-loved furniture and eco-friendly cleaning supplies. Being on a farm also allows us to leverage sustainable practices like using a biodigester for wastewater.

Procurement with a Conscience:

Previously, event items were often disposable and forgotten. Now, we ask ourselves crucial questions before purchase: Do we need it? Can we reuse it? Can we make something from our warehouse of props? Our resourceful Operations Team has even transformed scrap metal into archery quivers! Sustainable alternatives are now our go-to, like 100% biodegradable smoke bombs.

Communication is Key:

Sustainability isn’t just an internal mission. We share our commitment with clients through an Eco-Events Checklist and recommendations for sustainably accredited venues. Our venue search criteria often involves seeking out those venues with green practices in place. After all, ‘more clients are actively seeking out providers with strong sustainability credentials, with 59% of corporate event organisers stating they would consider sustainability when choosing a venue’. (Source: Green Meetings & Incentives, 2023)

We also provide event summaries with public transport and electric charging point information, and encourage event attendees to bring reusable water bottles.

Leaving a Positive Footprint, Every Time:

Our events range from open fields to car parks to woodlands, and we take our responsibility to each environment seriously. We leave no trace behind, ensuring the fun memories remain, not the environmental impact.

Outside in Forest Space at ICC Wales

Silver Sustainability Award!

January 2024 saw ACF Events shine at the Greengage Solutions Sustainability conference, taking home a coveted Silver award! This recognition is a testament to our ongoing efforts to provide eco-friendly and impactful events for our clients. 

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The Journey Continues:

Winning a tender with a sustainability-focused client in 2023 shows that our efforts are attracting like-minded partners. We’re proud of our achievements so far, but sustainability is a continuous journey. We’ll keep pushing ourselves to do better, one adrenaline-pumping challenge and mindful moment at a time.

Join us on our mission to build teams and protect the planet! Contact ACF Events today to discover how we can craft a sustainable team-building experience for your group.

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Posted: 18th January 2024

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