A scare event for teams who dare!

Zombie in sunset


Fancy being part of a Zombie Apocalypse team building day?….

It all started with a research project…. that went horribly wrong!

A virus has been leaked and the staff on site have been infected. They are now hungry for human flesh. It won’t be long until the virus spreads amongst the rest of the population and the zombies take over the world!

Your team’s mission:

  • Explore the rooms and scavenge what you can.
  • Find the codes to deactivate the bomb.
  • Retrieve the vaccination serum.
  • Keep away from the Living Dead!
  • Survive!

Along the way you will need to complete various challenges to complete the mission, but beware…..the zombies are lurking! You will be under a time limit before they break through and you risk becoming one of the dead yourself!

Waking the Dead is a great team building event, but not for the faint-hearted. Your team will need to work together to survive. The challenges you will meet are collaborative and each team member will have to pull their weight to complete the challenges on time if the team is going to succeed.

Our Waking the Dead team building event can be a lot of scary fun. The scare factor is entirely up to you. Do you want this to be team building terror, or just an eerie end to a corporate day? We can tailor the scare factor to suit.

Waking the Dead can be held at many of our recommended venues and any suitable location within the UK. As with all our activities, it meets our sustainable policy, details of which are available.

For more information regarding the individual challenges that can be tailored to suit your team building needs, call our friendly team on 01934 862305 for a no obligation chat.

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Min: 5
Max: 30
clock 9 16
Duration (hours): 2 - 3
Setting: Indoor, Outdoor
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"Wow! This was just the best day out of the office. So much fun, and the zombie was so realistic! Me and my colleagues can't stop talking about the day. If this is what the standard of team building days are nowadays, then we need to do more of them!"

Waking The Dead - Team Building Day Participant

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