Dust off your poker face and prepare for betrayal! Can you navigate trust, treachery, and twisted challenges to win in our "Traitors" inspired team building game show?

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Unmask the Traitors: An exciting corporate game show experience, suitable as after dinner entertainment, or as a conference activity.

Step into an event of intrigue and deception: Embark on a team journey inspired by the hit TV show “Traitors. Your group will face a series of challenges that demand collaboration. But beware! Hidden amongst you lurk the cunning Traitors with a secret agenda: to undermine your efforts and secure victory for themselves.

Can you identify the hidden traitors before they sabotage your team’s success? This is an event that promotes strategic thinking and decision-making skills, with the added twist of deception and deceit.

What to expect from this traitors inspired event:

This event will be led by a professional host who will lead you through a series of fun challenges where teams have to work together. The scene is set with music, atmospheric lighting with the event leaders in traitor style cloaks. A countdown will be on the screen and we can even add a smoke machine for added effect! (Please ask about added theming and audio visual elements that we can provide to enhance your event)

Participants will be encouraged to communicate and problem solve as a team, but all the while they will be wondering who the Traitor is within the group! Everyone is a suspect! Teams / table groups are formed beforehand, and we recommend mixing individuals from different departments. During the event, the following will take place:

  • Challenges: Tackle a series of challenges, puzzles, tasks, and activities that will test your teamwork.
  • The traitor twist: Unlike traditional team-building exercises, there is an intriguing twist. Uncover the hidden Traitors on each table who will attempt to sabotage your progress.
  • Banishments: After each challenge, there will a banishment. In this round, teams will attempt to identify the secret “Traitor” within their group. They must vote and justify why they believe a particular person is the Traitor.
  • Celebration: After several rounds, the winning team emerges victorious, having identified and eliminated the Traitors.

This is a game show that injects excitement, problem solving, and the art of studying body language to find the tell tell signs that might divulge whether a participant is a faithful or Traitor!

Traitors style event
Min: 10
Max: 80
clock 9 16
Duration (hours): 1 -2
Setting: Indoor
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Key Benefits:

    • Strategic thinking: Craft cunning plans to complete the challenges and identify the hidden Traitors along the way.

    • Boost communication skills: Open communication is key to success. Participants will be encouraged to share observations and suspicions effectively.

    • Unleash your inner detective: Study your team mates, analyse their behaviour, and uncover the tell-tale signs of a 'traitor'. 

    • Create memories: Immerse yourselves in a unique event filled with suspense. 

    • FUN: Above all, this event is intended to be light hearted and fun. 

Location flexibility:

While a castle setting adds to the ambience, this experience can be adapted to various spaces, including conference rooms or dedicated event venues. Groups will be sat on round tables while we create the atmosphere! If you'd like to add some additional theming to the event, we'll help you create the perfect immersive environment. 

Ready to try our Traitors style event? Contact us today on 01934 862305

Please note, this event is in no way associated with the official BBC program. 

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