Game of Thrones style team building event. Complete the challenges to win the throne!

Throne Games 2


This team building event will see teams go head to head on a range of activities all themed around the famous TV show ‘Game of Thrones’. Whether you’re a fan or not, this event is a lot of fun and provides ample opportunities for team building and discovering unknown skills and talents. There’s something for everyone!

Your team (House) will start the day by coming up with a House name and your very own House banner. Your House will then have the opportunity to take on the other Houses in a series of games and challenges to win house points. It’s not taking part but winning that matters! Ingenuity, determination and a little bit of swagger all come into play as your House seeks dominance and the right to sit upon the coveted throne.

There are many challenges to choose from when tailoring this event to your team building needs. These can range from firing trebuchets and flying a falcon, to Axe Throwing and Archery.

To be crowned the Throne Games champions you’ll have to play with honour, strategy and skill. But be careful, those treacherous other houses will be plotting your downfall and will use all kinds of underhand tactics to ensure you don’t win!

Throne Games is available at all our recommended venues and at any suitable location within the UK. As with all our activities, it meets our sustainable policy, details of which are available.

For more information regarding the choice of challenges available, call our friendly team on 01934 862305 for a no obligation chat!

Game of Thrones Team building
Min: 16
Max: 120
clock 9 16
Duration (hours): 3
Setting: Outdoor
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"The feedback from our employees was fantastic, it was a fun, engaging activity that brought everyone together as a team."

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