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Group Tai Chi workshops

Tai Chi involves gentle exercises and active movements, designed to improve physical and mental health. A team building activity that will ensure that you’re supporting staff’s health needs whilst they experience a different type of team building activity.

** Also available as a virtual event **

What is a Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a relaxing and educational activity, teaching stress management skills that are applicable to everyday life, and demonstrating effective techniques for relaxation and mindfulness. It is also a spiritual practice inspired by martial arts, with tenets based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism: the natural balance in all things; the yin and yang. The mental aspects of the movements have parallels to meditation, and they’re suitable for everybody.

What happens during a Tai Chi workshop?

Join our Tai Chi instructor for an active, engaging and hands-on class where participants will be introduced to movements, breathing skills and meditation techniques. We’ll discuss how energy is held in the body and try noticing it through self-awareness.

No special clothing or equipment is needed – Tai Chi is physically gentle but mentally and spiritually intense.


Minimum and Maximum time required:

30 – 60 minutes

Venue restrictions / requirements: 

Tai Chi workshops can be held indoors or outdoors (weather dependent), everyone needs to have enough space to stand apart and move around. There’s no special clothing or equipment needed which makes Tai Chi a simple team activity to add to your meeting or event. 

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Min: 10
Max: 30
clock 9 16
Duration (hours): 0.5 - 1
Setting: Indoor, Outdoor, Virtual
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