Ignite your teams energy!

Samba Drumming Energiser Workshop


Join us for an exhilarating Samba Drumming Workshop promising an unforgettable team-building experience! This lively session is all about having fun and igniting your team’s energy.

In this drumming workshop, a variety of drums and percussion instruments will be provided, allowing everyone to explore the vibrant world of Samba music. You’ll have the chance to play instruments like the, tamborim, pandeiro, and repinique, all while learning the captivating rhythms unique to each.

Our experienced instructor will guide your team, ensuring that each member actively participates and contributes to the collective energy of the ensemble. The workshop serves as an incredible energizer, injecting enthusiasm into your group.

As the beats and rhythms synchronize, your team will experience the magic of everyone coming together, working in harmony to create a thrilling Samba sound. The Samba Workshop aims not only to enhance your team’s musical skills but also to leave them feeling refreshed, motivated, and more connected. Get ready for a distinctive team-building experience filled with rhythm, laughter, and the vibrant essence of Samba!”

samba drumming button 1
Min: 12
Max: 350
clock 9 16
Duration (hours): 1
Setting: Indoor, Outdoor, Virtual
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"Perfect for our event and very inclusive so no one was put on the spot or exposed. Excellent teambuilding, memorable and fun."

Tudor Rose

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