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The thrill of the races….at home. Our virtual race day sees you and your team meet up in a virtual VIP box to place your bets on the gee gees! Our fantastic compere will have guests jumping out of their seats with excitement in this fun and frenzied virtual event.

Using only quality English horse races re-edited with full commentary, A day at the races adds impact and atmosphere to any virtual room.


‘I really enjoyed our ‘Race Night’ event. It was fast-paced and entertaining throughout. Paris was an excellent, engaging host and made sure everyone was involved and had a good time. I would recommend this event and would definitely be interested in trying out some of the other events on offer’ Liz – March 2021

How does it work?

Guests will be pre allocated into teams and encouraged to dress in the their team colour ready for the event. There’s nothing like getting into a bit of team spirit!

We will show on average 5 video races throughout the event (more if required). In between the races our host will provide the opportunity for teams to earn more betting money by providing some party pieces. Whether its horse impressions, or who can draw the best horse, party peices will vary depending on the group size and how crazy they want to be. Note…if there’s a few drinks involved, you can usually expect some pretty dynamic performances.

Our host will talk you through the running form and once everyone is ready the guests will be whisked off to their team box to discuss which horse to bet on. Once the team have gathered in their box to start negotiations, they will be visited by a cheeky Tote who takes the bet and might give you a tip. Watch out for the dodgy tipster!

Our entertaining host and live characters keep this event interactive, as guests cheer as they win or lose their bets. We will work out the winnings and add up money won through party pieces and announce the winners at the end.

This fun virtual activity can also work well as part of a multi-activity virtual event. Why not also add a virtual comedian or cocktail making workshop to your event. 

Race Night Team Entertainment at Ashton Gate 11
Video Available: See Below
Min: 20
Max: 180
clock 9 16
Duration (hours): 1
Setting: Virtual
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