Music is good for the soul!

Name the tune music game show


From movie soundtracks to number one hits, how well do you know your classical from your country? And can you identify the tune from just a few notes or even just one?

Inspired by the TV show ‘Name That Tune’, our live musician will play the notes and its down to your teams to bid on how few notes you can ‘name the tune’ in.

The music clips throughout this game show will be performed by a LIVE musician while our professional host gives this musical game show energy and an edge. Most of all, it’s a loads of fun as you wrestle with your grey matter to come up with an answer that is literally on the tip of your tongue.

This isn’t a standard quiz. This is a live game show where everyone can get involved and  join in the fun.

Guests are split into teams with the opportunity to discuss their answers before bidding on the number of notes, But be warned, there’s a time limit, so there is no time for dilly dallying.

Go with your instinct and ‘Name The Tune’! Example Rounds Include:

  • Song Intros
  • Song Rifts
  • Soundtracks

This is a fun and fast paced game show which can also work well either as a live spectacle or as part of a multi-activity virtual event.

Name The Tune can be run at all our recommended venues and any suitable location within the UK. It can also be run virtually with remote participants logging on.   As with all our activities, it meets our sustainable policy, details of which are available.

To make it a really entertaining evening it can be combined with other activities such as cocktail or chocolate making.

For more information on Name The Tune and how it can be tailored to suit your business and its objectives, call our friendly team on 01934 862305 for a no obligation chat.

name that tune button
Min: 8
Max: 500
clock 9 16
Duration (hours): 1 -2
Setting: Indoor, Virtual
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