Make a movie trailer in a day!



This is fun orientated, filming team building activity in which teams have to produce a short film trailer, a television commercial or a music video.

There is a lot to do in a short space of time. First you need to decide what your video is about and then which roles the various team members will undertake. After all, who is going to come up with the concept, write the script, draw the storyboard, find the locations, gather the props, design the costumes, create the set, light the set, record the sound, shoot the footage, direct the scenes, act the parts, and edit the rushes?

And all this takes place against the clock!

This is an exceptional team building activity where good, consistent communication and well defined roles are essential. There is no room for big egos. Every element is as important as each other if the team is going to deliver their video to a high quality and on time.

As well honing communication skills, Lights, Camera, Action also requires team members to think creatively while making plans and keeping to tight schedules. There are multiple points within the task where there may be conflicting priorities and ideas. Teams will need to negotiate and compromise to resolve any conflicts if they are going to succeed.

The great finale is when teams come together at the end of the day and screen their productions at an award ceremony. Oscar anyone?

Lights, Camera, Action is great fun, high paced and a fabulous learning experience.


Lights, Camera, Action is available at all our recommended venues and any suitable location within the UK. As with all our activities, it meets our sustainable policy, details of which are available.

For more information and to find out how Lights, Camera, Action can be adapted to meet your team building requirements, call our friendly team on 01934 862305 for a no obligation chat.

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Video Available: See Below
Min: 24
Max: 90
clock 9 16
Duration (hours): 3
Setting: Indoor
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"Thank you so much for the amazing team building day you organised for us; it was great to work with you again. Everyone had a terrific time and all those involved worked really hard both from a delegate and organisational point of view, to get the best possible trailer (in the can!) Your team was, as always, very professional and I would recommend this type of team building to any organisation that wants to develop their staff potential as it really does discover qualities in personnel that may not be seen in every day working life."

Alice - Blackstar

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