Ice Carving Workshop

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Our ice sculpting and ice carving events provides participants with an opportunity to try a new skill in a relaxed but time controlled environment. The session is kicked off with alive carving demo followed by some professional advice from our carver.

The theme can be set for their sculptures, or teams can come up with their own designs. An ice block will be given to each team so they can create their very own sculpture. Teams will need to spend some time planning and working out how to create their designs, before running it past the professionals to see how viable their idea is. The professionals will be on hand throughout the event to give guidance and advice where appropriate.

The excitement from teams as they see they’re ideas come to life is fantastic. Sometimes, things don’t go quite to plan, but the results can be very amusing. The event is finished by a judging session of the best designs, and a fictional sale of ice sculptures to the rest of the groups, which leads to much hilarity. You have opportunity to use the sculpture later in the day for use as a prop, photos, or even a vodka luge.

The ice sculpting package can be tailored to your specific requirements.

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Min: 5
Max: 30
clock 9 16
Duration (hours): 2 - 3
Setting: Indoor
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