Test your strength with our high striker!

High Striker Fun Fair Stall


The mighty High Striker – a classic and iconic attraction at the funfair that tests your strength and rewards you with a sense of accomplishment! Get ready to channel your inner Hercules and step up to the challenge!

With the mallet provided, players must hit the base as hard as they can to send the metal pin up the tower.

The aim is to hit the large bell all the way to the top! On the right hand side of the tower is the strength level indicator, which starts at 10 and goes up to 100. The operator is able to adjust the strength setting in the base unit, which allows children as well as adults to enjoy the popular and traditional game.

if you’ve watched and loved the film ‘Grease’ then you’ll definitely want this high striker at your fun day. Perfect for end of school year celebrations or for company office parties!

High striker at summer event
Min: 5
Max: 200
clock 9 16
Duration (hours): 1hr + Variable (TBA)
Setting: Indoor, Outdoor
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