Old school game shows brought to you at home!

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A right old mash up of game show fun, inspired by some of the most iconic game shows to have graced our screens over the decades.

Our team will work the game show magic behind the scenes, so all you need to do is turn up and log on. Teams must be allocated before the event, and in the name of team spirit we suggest that team members dress in something in the colour of their allocated team. Teams will go into their secret ‘virtual team rooms’ to discuss their answers before confirming to our entertainer / host.

Example rounds include:

Name That Tune: Meet Alex, our live musician with electric guitar! Can you name the tune in the lowest amount of notes? Bid against other teams to see who can ‘Name The Tune’.

The Price is Right: Presented with a number of 80’s retro items the teams must agree on a price for each one. From Walkmans to Rubix Cubes!

Melody Magic: Music meistro Alex, plays 3 pieces of popular music in succession. Can you name the artists?

Extra Rounds: Our hosts has a whole load of short games up his sleeve. Be prepared for giggles!!

Movie Themes: Can you recognise the theme tunes of some of the big blockbuster movies! From Black Beauty to Back To The Future!

Play Your Cards Right: Just like the tv show, guests are all invited to indicate higher or lower as the cards are produced by the host.

Behind the scenes we will be keeping everything runing smoothly, with a referee, and a technician to move guests into their team rooms.

Whatever the occasion, join us for some retro game show fun, whether it’s a virtual Christmas party or company anniversary! Why not add on a comedien like our ‘It’s a Cracker’ or perhaps something foodie based such as cocktail making, for a complete afternoon or evening of entertainment.

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Min: 5
Max: 50
clock 9 16
Duration (hours): 1 -2
Setting: Indoor
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