Fun factor, listening skills and team work are all part of our Duck Herding events.

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Quacktastic Team Building: Releash Your Inner Shepherd with Duck Herding!

Looking for a corporate event that’s guaranteed to be “egg-cellent”? Look no further than Duck Herding, a unique and hilarious team building activity that’s perfect for groups of all sizes and abilities.

No prior experience necessary, just a willingness to team up and have some fun!

What is Duck Herding?

In a Duck Herding event you will learn about the traditional skill of using working dogs to herd animals. Our instructors will have you working in small groups whilst you get to grips with the concept of duck herding. You’ll learn basic commands, meet the charming working dogs, and then put your newfound skills to the test by guiding a gaggle of geese or ducks through a fun-filled obstacle course.

The grand finale? Working together to herd the quack pack of Indian Runner Ducks back to their pen using just your teamwork, wit, and the commands you have learnt.

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Min: 6
Max: 100
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Duration (hours): 1
Setting: Outdoor
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What happens in a duck herding session?

The session starts with learning the art of using voice and whistle commands. This is followed by an educational introduction to the working dogs, an insight into their personality traits and a practical demonstration.

Now it’s your turn, you will have a number of opportunities to herd geese and ducks around a fun and interesting obstacle course that may include tunnels and picket fences. The finale is when the whole group are required to work as a team and guide the group of very fast, Indian Ducks around an obstacle course using shepherds crooks, body movements and noises. You’ll guide them through gates, over bridges and other obstacles before herding them all safely back to base.

If you’re looking for a fun team building activity, Duck Herding will most definitely put a smile on your team's faces! A perfect all weather activity for all people. You’ll take to it like a duck to water.

Duck Herding can be booked as part of our country sports day or as a standalone activity.

It is available at any of our recommended venues or at a preferred location anywhere on the UK mainland

For more details call 01934 862305 and chat to our friendly team.


"We wanted a fun and relaxed event where our people could enjoy connecting and reconnecting with each other face to face after such a long time, and that's exactly what Friday was so thank you"


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