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Gundog with Ball


Our Dog Agility activity is fun, informative and highly entertaining. This popular team building activity enables you to meet, control and interact with a range of lively and loveable gundogs such as Spaniels, Labradors and Retrievers.

Our professional gundog trainers will teach you basic commands, after which you and your chosen dog will confront a fun and testing range of agility, retrieving, and relay games. You and your new furry friend will also get the chance to tackle a highly entertaining assault course packed full of tunnels, jumps and slaloms. This dog agility session ends with a ‘Grand Finale’ where participants will get the chance to see all the stars of the show working in unison together. A fantastic end to this light hearted and fun team building activity.

Dog Agility is a great activity for a Country Sports themed away day, or as a team building event all on its own. Usually the session will take approximately 1 hour, but the timings and content can be amended to suit your itinerary or to compliment other team building activities, such as shooting, archery, axe throwing or driving experiences.

When you book a Dog Agility experience, coordination skills, communication and teamwork are all put to the test; whilst smiles, laughter and wagging tails are always guaranteed.

Dog Agility (also known as Gundog Handling) is available at any of our recommended venues or at other UK locations with a large outdoor space

For more details call 01934 862305 and chat to our friendly team.

gundog agility handling button
Min: 16
Max: 60
clock 9 16
Duration (hours): 1
Setting: Outdoor
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