The Crystal Maze challenge awaits! An exciting team building event designed to test teams mental and physical skills, and most work!

Crystal Cube Challenge


Start the fans please! The Crystal Maze team building Challenge is inspired by the popular TV game show, where teams will be immersed in a number of tasks before taking their turn in the Crystal Cube finale.

Every Crystal Maze team building event involves skill, physical, mystery and mental elements as teams are tested in various ‘zones’. This is team building at its best, with tasks involving cryptic clues, puzzles and team challenges. Unlike the TV show, all team members take part in the various challenges, and it’s only by pulling together and communicating well that they stand a chance of succeeding.

You’ll be part of a spirited team, working together to overcome obstacles, cheering each other on, and celebrating victories along the way. The bond you forge with your fellow adventurers is a crucial ingredient in this Crystal Maze team building day

If the teams are successful in each of the challenges they will win crystals. These crystals are worth time in the Crystal Cube! The more crystals each team collects, the more time they will have when going head to head against other teams in the Crystal Cube to collect precious golden tickets.

Crystal Maze Challenge
Min: 16
Max: 120
clock 9 16
Duration (hours): 2 - 3
Setting: Indoor, Outdoor
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We have designed a variety of crystal maze games and tasks to create your very own bespoke Crystal Maze team building event. The Crystal Maze challenge can be tailored to suit your requirements. Whether you have 6 people or 60, this event can be designed as a simple break from a conference or meeting, or, we can add music, a host, PA system and theming for a full blown Crystal Maze team building experience!

The Crystal Cube and it's challenges can be accommodated at any of our recommended venues and, because it is completely mobile, we can arrange the activities at any suitable venue throughout the UK.

For more information and an explanation of all the various options available, please call 01934 862305 and chat to our friendly team.


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