Collaborative team building for large groups.

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The Prime Minister of a small faraway island needs a railway built that will link all the island’s tourist attractions. Your company has won the contract to build it! To do this sub teams need to be created, each with the task of building an allocated section; while ensuring the railway fits together as a whole and is built to time within a tight financial budget.

Each section comes with its own challenges as the railway needs to navigate natural obstacles (e.g. mountains, river estuaries etc.). In addition, each section is responsible for developing the local tourist attraction. This will mean building stations and sidings where appropriate and attracting investment and sponsorship.

Once completed to the required standard, the railway will be tested to ensure the train can drive the complete circuit and stop at all the attractions.

This is a multi team activity where every team member has their own specific role and responsibilities. This activity requires decisive planning, keen negotiating and persuasive marketing if the railway is going to be built within time and budget.

Teams at Work
Min: 16
Max: 400
clock 9 16
Duration (hours): 2 - 3
Setting: Indoor
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Connections is the ultimate team building exercise. Although the group works in teams, Connections is collaborative and designed to encourage participants to not only think about their own responsibilities, but how their actions affect the bigger picture and avoid ‘silo’ thinking..

Connections is available at all our recommended venues and any suitable location within the UK. As with all our activities, it meets our sustainable policy, details of which are available.

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“We were pleased with ACF and the level of service, care and entertainment that they had brought to each of our events. Mark Fanning and his team were able to scale activities for small or large groups of people and made sure that there were enough resources to run each activity smoothly. The events team undertook a great deal of preparation, planning and research in to our business during the build up to our event, resulting in a bespoke industry specific solution. We would recommend ACF to other companies and organisations looking for something a bit different; the activities were engaging but entirely on point."


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