Bushcraft skills and survival tactics!

Survival Skills Team Event


What would you do if you were cast away on a desert island. Could you survive with nothing but your wits about you?

Our fantastic bushcraft instructors will teach you how.

Set in a woodland area, you will learn how to survive either on your own or as part of a team. You’ll forage for food and discover what plants you can and cannot eat. You’ll learn how to create and set basic animal traps using items found on the woodland floor. You’ll build simple waterproof shelters from branches and leaves to keep you warm and dry. You’ll also get the opportunity to create fire using flint and dry kindling.

Think Ray Mears or Bear Grylls and you can start to imagine the tricks you will be learning in this outdoor adventure.

Our Bushcraft skills experience  will challenge the way you look at the world by getting you or your team to solve problems without the use of modern technology and materials. It will force you to think out of the box because there is no box. It’s just you and nature. Learning new life-skills is the focus of our Bushcraft experience and everyone will remember the first time they create fire without a lighter or a match.

For a half or full day of fun, you can increase the adrenaline factor by combining your bushcraft activity with a Country Sports session like Gundog Handling, Archery or Falconry and really pack some action into your day. Or, for Bushcraft skills with a team building focus, check out our ‘Survivor’ Challenge.

You can experience Bushcraft at any of our recommended venues or at any UK location where there is a woodland area.

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Min: 8
Max: 16
clock 9 16
Duration (hours): 0.75 - 1
Setting: Outdoor
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"Amazing day! Everyone said it was the best company day ever. The team loved the variety of the events and the facilitators were fun and engaging"


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