Blind driving! It is all down to trust on this one!

Blind 4x4 Driving


Blind 4×4 driving has to be the ultimate in team building communication exercises.

Next time you’re sitting behind the steering wheel of your car, close your eyes and imagine what it must be like to drive away not being able to see. Imagine that the only thing to guide you is the voices of other people in the car.

Now imagine you’re sitting in the backseat of a 4×4 vehicle while one of your teammates is negotiating a twisty off road course. Only teammate cannot see and can only use your instructions to navigate their way.

This is an activity that is thrilling, enthralling and takes people completely out of their comfort zone. This is team building at its highest level. The sense of achievement felt when you have completed the course is overwhelming for both the driver and those directing them.

Of course you’re not on your own. One of our expert 4×4 instructors sits alongside the driver to ensure that everyone is safe at all times.

Blind 4×4 driving is a great addition to any team building multi activity day and is available at our Aldwick Estate venue near Bristol, as well venues across the UK with suitable space. Car parks and large green areas are ideal.

Blind 4x4 Driving Team Building Activity
Min: 2
Max: 8
clock 9 16
Duration (hours): 1
Setting: Outdoor
Visit Favourites

Thanks to you, for making our activity afternoon with you such fun. We really enjoyed the blind 4×4 driving, and I think we all learned a very important lesson from that event. We really do have to communicate with each other to get things done. It is one of the lessons we have taken back to the office to put into practice on a daily basis! Once again many thanks for your hospitality. You certainly live up to your name.

Highways Agency

“Thank you on behalf of A-Gas for a brilliant afternoon of activities, we will keep you noted down for any of our future events. There is a real buzz about the office following our event on Friday. Well done”


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