Battle of the teams in Battle Archery!

Battle Archery Activity


Teams will go head to head in this battle of the Archers! Dodge the arrows from your opponents and hide behind your bunkers. The aim of the game is to hit as many targets as possible in this time restricted challenge. If you are really skilled and manage to catch an arrow from your opponent, you could even win back an eliminated team mate!

Battle Archery is a sustainable cross between traditional archery and paintball. The arrows are safe to shoot at human targets (such fun!) and unlike paintball, what you shoot can be used time and time again.

Battle archery is perfect if you’re looking for a fun activity with a bit of healthy competition. It’s not only skill that is important, but tactics and communication between teammates. Combine this with other activities such as Axe Throwing, and trebuchets to create your own day of Mediaeval Madness in true Game of Thrones style!

Battle archery (or combat archery as it is sometimes known) can be booked as a standalone event where we would run a tournament, or, as part of a bigger Mult-Activity day.

Battle archery is available at any of our recommended venues or at any location within the UK with a large enough outdoor space.

For more details call 01934 862305 and chat to our friendly team.

Battle Archery - Man ready to shoot battle archery arrow
Min: 8
Max: 60
clock 9 16
Duration (hours): 1
Setting: Indoor, Outdoor
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