Sustainable events

Here at ACF Events we understand the importance of running greener and more sustainable events. We are doing everything we can to minimise any negative impacts of our event operations and create a positive effect on the world around us. When booking your event, we will have sustainability at the forefront of our minds, with our ultimate goal to be a carbon neutral events company by 2030!

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Sustainability Policy – updated April 2024

Here’s what we are doing to achieve this:

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

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Good Health & Wellbeing

We are committed to providing Wellbeing activity options, helping equip our clients with vital skills that can be implemented in their everyday lives.

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Quality Education

ACF continues to support youth workplace internships providing young people with a varied work experience in the events industry and chance to improve their skills.

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Decent Work & Economic Growth

ACF have a diversity and equality policy in place to ensure a fair workplace for all. Our events aim to help support businesses with their productivity, efficiency, and workplace wellbeing.

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Sustainable Cities & Communities 

ACF are developing an eco-checklist for events, which will include encouraging guests to use public transport. Venues will be asked what public transport links their premise has; this information will be passed onto the event booker.

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Responsible Consumption & Production

Eliminating Single Use Plastic

ACF have committed to the Meeting Industry Association (Mia) Plastic Pledge and will eliminate single-use plastic by November 2023. In 2019, we removed plastic bottles from our offering and supplied reusable cups and water tanks for guests to use. View our plastic pledge HERE


When purchasing required items for the office and events, we take a sustainable approach to procurement. For example, we purchase 100% recyclable printing paper, effective eco-friendly preparations as alternatives to previous chemical cleaning products.


We have a recycling system in place in the office and warehouse to recycle all paper and cardboard.

Sustainable Events

We have also adapted some of our team building activities to be more sustainable. From using recycled materials in all of our craft based activities to changing our ‘One Tribe’ finale from a cardboard-based challenge to a virtual photo mosaic challenge. 

We aim to grow our sustainable product offering, providing a range of options that are either carbon neutral and / or are beneficial to the planet. ACF have already retired the use of some of our vehicles that cause the most pollution.


We ask any caterers (food stands and venue catering) to provide food using locally sourced ingredients where possible. Caterers must also demonstrate how they minimise food waste.

Office and Event Procedures

Our Head Quarters is based on a farm, where all heating requirements are provided from a large wood burner, and all wood is sourced from sustainable suppliers.In all aspects of office working, we stopped unnecessary printing including invoices and emails, to no longer having physical files for each event. We have an online signing system which allows ACF and our customers to sign contracts digitally without the need to print. All members of our ACF Team use ‘Ecosia’ (the tree planting search engine) as their default search tool.

Within our daily office environment, carpooling and home working is encouraged. During event planning, our operations team ensure that the number of vehicles travelling to events is kept to the required minimum, where possible, this includes events when we require a large workforce.

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Supply Chain

Where ever possible, we will buy from companies that demonstrate sustainable practices. From caterers using local ingredients and eco-friendly consumables at in-person events, to sustainable packaging materials in cocktail making kits for our virtual events.

Event Sites

We aim to leave event sites as we found them, this includes leaving it litter free and limit disturbance to wildlife.

Carbon Off-Setting


Using a Carbon Calculator, ACF will continually measure our carbon footprint. ACF will actively adapt its operations, where possible, to minimise our carbon footprint. Where we are unable to eliminate carbon output from our operations, we will aim to off-set our impact.


From Spring 2022, ACF are looking to offer clients the ability to offset their event’s carbon footprint using Greengage’s EVENTSmart carbon calculator.

The Future

We understand that sustainability is a continuous journey, we are committed to constantly improving. Adapting our current offering as well as creating new opportunities as we develop.

‘”Creating Fun & Memorable GREENER Events That Unify People”

Download a copy of our sustainability policy HERE 

See our Greengage Certification HERE